New Study Points To Noni Plant As Possible Solution To Cardiovascular Diseases

The Morinda citrifolia Linn is proving to be a miracle plant. Not only has the fruit’s juice been discovered to inhibit psychotic behaviour in drug-induced mice but recent research has highlighted its potential as treatment for cardiovascular related conditions. 

In the paper titled “Studies on antidyslipidemic effects of Morinda citrifolia (Noni) fruit, leaves and root extracts” researchers analyzed extracts of the Morinda citrifolia Linn fruit, leaves, and roots and discovered that all three components showed antidyslipidemic effects and caused a reduction in total cholesterol triglyceride levels in dyslipidemic mice. Further research will be required to substantiate the results but initial analysis suggests the antioxidant nature of the plant inhibits biosynthesis, absorption, and secretion of lipids.

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