Colombian Psychiatrists Show Overwhelming Support For Medical Cannabis

Majority of psychiatrists in Colombia are in favor of cannabis to treat health issues. A survey conducted across 14 territories of Colombia showed that 73.1% of participants would agree to prescribe cannabis to their patients. More than a third (35.2%) of them said that they would prescribe cannabis to patients suffering from insomnia, 29% for anxiety disorders and 18.6% for agitation in dementia. In terms of non-psychiatric medical conditions, cancer-related chronic pain gained the most approval (87.6%), followed by chemotherapy-related nausea and vomiting (78.6%) and non-cancer associated chronic pain (72.4%). 

Medical cannabis was legalized in Colombia in 2017, however, healthcare professionals are still cautious to prescribe them to their patients. 66.2% of those surveyed were hesitant because they weren’t sure how to help their patients access cannabis legally.

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