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Extraction, Isolation and Characterization of Bioactive Compounds from Plants’ Extracts

Natural products from medicinal plants, either as pure compounds or as standardized extracts, provide unlimited opportunities for new drug leads … Read More

Confronting Our Biases About Ayahuasca Research

Ayahuasca has been gaining a lot of attention over the past decade. In its native Amazonian regions, it is known … Read More

Studies Suggest Betel Nut Chewing May Help With Schizophrenia Symptoms

Betel nut chewing which is commonly practiced in Asia, Micronesia, Island Melanesia, and the Caribbean is often associated with cancer … Read More

Long-term Betel Nut Chewing Found to Affect Gut Microbiota

Betel nut is often used in Chinese traditional medicine to treat diseases, various gastrointestinal disorders and jaundice. Modern pharmacology has … Read More

Spilling The Tea On Poppy Seed Tea

Poppy seeds are an oilseed obtained from the opium poppy (Papaver somniferum) and infamously linked with the psychedelic opium. That … Read More

A Comprehensive Review Of Adverse Effects of Betel Nut Chewing

Betel nut chewing is a highly addictive and narcotic substance that is consumed by more than 600 million people worldwide. … Read More

Instagram Depictions Of Betel Nuts May Encourage Usage

Betel nut chewing has significant cultural relevance in Guam and other parts of Micronesia. In an effort to raise awareness … Read More

Mescaline Less Addictive Than Cannabis, Scientists Conclude

Mescaline is a naturally-occurring alkaloid which causes hallucinogenic effects similar to those of LSD and psilocybin. It has been used … Read More

Call For More Accurate Classification of Psychodysleptic Plants

Scientists are calling for a re-evaluation of psychodysleptic plants in the context of research and taxonomy. Psychoactive plants such as … Read More

Validating The Effects of Ayahuasca With Placebo Controlled Studies

Ayahuasca is a plant concoction from South America ritually used by Amazonian shamans during various rituals and ceremonies. It is … Read More

Scientists Looking At Reducing Opium Alkaloids In Poppy Seed Food Production Chain

Papaver somniferum or opium poppy is highly prized by the pharmaceutical industry as a source of alkaloid compounds. The plant … Read More

Carbon Dating Reveals Origin and Timeline Of Opium Poppy Cultivation

Papaver somniferum or more commonly known as opium poppy is a flowering plant that is widely cultivated for medicinal, psychoactive, … Read More

Scientists Looking To Utilize Pain And Anti-inflammatory Properties of Salvia Divinorum Without Hallucinogenic Effects

Salvia divinorum is a herbal plant native to the southwestern region of Mexico. A relatively unknown species, it’s been gaining … Read More

Rising Health Concerns After Legalization Of Cannabis Edibles

Healthcare providers are being encouraged to be more frank with their patients about cannabis edible usage. Ever since its legalization … Read More

Why Isn’t There More Research On Medical Cannabis?

Medical marijuana has been legalized in 36 states, including the District of Columbia, Guam, Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin … Read More

Spotlight On 50 Years Of Research On Salvia Divinorum

Salvia Divinorum is a psychoactive plant native to a small region in Mexico. It was first discovered by two ethnopharmacologists … Read More

Artifacts Reveal Culture Of Psychoactive Plant Consumption In Ancient Central American Civilizations

The practice of consuming fungi and other psychoactive plants among ancient Central American civilizations are not well known. However a … Read More

Ancient Amazonian Practices Reveal Medicinal and Therapeutic Uses Of Tobacco Plant

Tobacco is one the leading global health concerns of the 21st century. Its usage has been linked to increased risk … Read More

Betel Nut Chewers In Guam Risk Health Due To Sociocultural Pressures

Betel or areca nut chewing has been  linked to  oral and oropharyngeal cancer, oral lesions, oral lukoplakia and submucous fibrosis, … Read More

Chewing On The Health Implications Of Betel Nuts

Betel nut is a masticatory drug used by more than 600 million people worldwide. Despite having addictive qualities similar to … Read More

Early Psilocybin Studies Suggest Potential Treatment for Mental Health Disorders

Various studies on psilocybin have pointed it as a potential treatment for mental health disorders. The chemical found in more … Read More

Are Magic Mushrooms Viable Therapeutic Treatments for Depression and Anxiety?

Plants and fungi with psychedelic effects have been in use for thousands of years. While mostly for recreational purposes, magic … Read More

Motives And Misconceptions: Understanding The Behaviour Of Cannabis Edible Users

Unsurprisingly, cannabis use has seen a surge ever since it was legalized. Among all the cannabis products that have been … Read More

Digesting The Merits of Edible Cannabis

Cannabis-infused products have been flooding the market in the past few years. Whether for recreational or medicinal purposes, edibles offer … Read More

Stressing The Importance of Agarwood Production Research

Aquilaria spp. or agarwood is a rather peculiar plant as its value increases the more damaged it is. A long … Read More

Scientific Community Divided Over Quality Assessment Method of Agarwood Oil

We’ve covered a lot about agarwood recently. The unique way that it’s formed and how we can mass produce it … Read More

Study On CBD Found Timing Of Administration Crucial To Effects On Anxiety And Sleep

The cannabis plant contains more than 80 different compounds called cannabinoids. It has been known to treat a variety of … Read More

Colombian Psychiatrists Show Overwhelming Support For Medical Cannabis

Majority of psychiatrists in Colombia are in favor of cannabis to treat health issues. A survey conducted across 14 territories … Read More

Hemp As Industrial Material Makes A Comeback

Cannabis Sativa L. or more commonly known as hemp is mostly associated with the CBD industry. However, its application goes … Read More

Anti-Cancerous Mangosteen Shown To Fight Diabetes As Well

There’s been a lot of buzz around mangosteen and its anti-cancerous potentials. Xanthone, the component that has been the focus … Read More

A Mangosteen A Day Keeps Inflammation Away, According to Scientists

We’re all familiar with the old saying about an apple a day keeping the doctor away. Now we can add … Read More

A Comprehensive Review Of Seaweed’s Many Applications

Seaweed has been a staple of human culture for thousands of years. Not only is it an important source of … Read More

The Sweet Scent of Stress: Agarwood’s Aromatic Secrets Reviewed

The agarwood is prized for its unique aroma. Native to South and Southeast Asia, the plant has been used for … Read More

Scientists Put Spotlight on Cannabinoid System To Understand Effects Of Cannabis

Among the 400 complex chemical entities of the cannabis plant, more than 60 are cannabinoid compounds, some of which induce … Read More

Raising The Standards Of The Cannabis Industry With Mass Spectrometry

The cannabis industry is predicted to be worth $22 billion by 2022. Increased public acceptance and legalization of medical marijuana … Read More

Getting To The Core of Morinda Citrifolia’s Anticancer Potentials

Morinda citrifolia or more widely known as noni fruit have been used for medicinal purposes across Southeast Asia for over … Read More

Beyond beer: Exploring The Medicinal Potentials Of Hop Plants

Hops are arguably the most important ingredient in beer crafting. So much of the process, including taste, stability and antimicrobial … Read More

Academicians Form Committee To Spur Cannabinoid Research

The National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine have appointed a committee to regulate existing and future research on marijuana … Read More

Research And Advancement of Medicinal Cannabis Stalled By Legal Regulations

Cannabis and cannabinoid products have been widely used to alleviate symptoms and treat diseases. Historical records have even shown humans … Read More

Benefits Of Agarwood and Aquilaria Plants Uncovered Through Chemical Compound Isolation

The Agarwood is a non-timber fragrant wood of Aquilaria spp. (Thymelaeaceae) native to SouthEast Asia. It is regarded as a … Read More

Scientists Explore Artificial Methods To Meet Market’s Demand For Agarwood

The Agarwood is a valuable commodity, especially in the Chinese and Middle Eastern market where it is used for medicinal … Read More

Study Suggests Mangosteen-based Drinks May Be Potential Cure To Cancer and Inflammation

An apple a day may keep the doctor away, but apparently it’s the mangosteen that will keep cancer cells at … Read More

All Hail The Queen: Mangosteen Found To Be Rich Source of Cancer-fighting Xanthones

The mangosteen, a tropical fruit native to Southeast Asian countries is commonly referred to as the Queen of Fruits. This … Read More

From Jelly to Vegan Superfood: Uncovering Gracilaria changgi Red Algae’s Nutritional Potential

Hidden in the mangroves of tropical Malaysia is a plant that contains the nutritional value of broccoli, soybeans and eggs … Read More

The Science Behind Seaweed’s Addictive Umami Flavor

Seaweeds are highly priced not only for its nutritional benefit but also its taste.  Whether eaten raw or cooked, it … Read More

Gas chromatography-mass spectrometry method help scientists better detect pollutants in edible seaweeds

Seaweeds are considered a staple diet in many Asian cultures. It is a good source of fibre, protein, vitamins (A, … Read More

Gaining A Better Understanding Of Seaweed Composition Through Proper Preparation And Extraction Process

The study of seaweed biology is of particular interest in the scientific community after the plant was discovered to have … Read More

Scientists Recommend Hops Beer For Sleep Disorders

The next time you’re having trouble sleeping instead of a glass of milk, try reaching for a can of beer. … Read More

Call To Further Explore Potential of Super Seaweed Condrus Crispus Stackhouse

The red alga Chondrus crispus Stackhouse, more commonly known as Irish moss can be found along the coasts of the … Read More

A Deep Dive Into The Complexities And Usages Of Irish Moss Extract

Irish Moss extract or carrageen is a jelly-like substance obtained from the red alga Chondrus crispus. The water-soluble extract is … Read More

Hemp Flavoured Alcoholic Beverages Bloom From Harvest Of Cannabis Sativa L. Flowers

Although the Cannabis sativa L. plant is considered a multi-purpose crop, current production only focuses on fibre and seed yields. … Read More

This Is Why We Need Standardized Methods To Test Cannabinoids in Food

Cannabis sativa L. or popularly known as hemp is a versatile plant that can be used for paper, cloth or … Read More

Korean Scientists Develop UHR Mass Profiling Method To Better Identify Plant Extract Compounds

The study of plant extracts can provide numerous benefits in treating modern day diseases. However analysis of these complex phytochemicals … Read More

What Are You Smoking? The Importance Of Accurate Labelling For Cannabis Products

CBD and cannabis related products are a $63 billion industry, unfortunately, it still lacks proper regulation when it comes to … Read More

New Study Points To Noni Plant As Possible Solution To Cardiovascular Diseases

The Morinda citrifolia Linn is proving to be a miracle plant. Not only has the fruit’s juice been discovered to … Read More

Could This Strange Fruit Be The Answer To Curbing Drug Addiction?

Morinda citrifolia Linn or more popularly known as Noni is a fruit native to  Southeast Asian tropical countries and Hawaii. … Read More

Uncovering The Numerous Neurological Benefits of Phytocannabinoids (Marijuanna)

Marijuanna has been used as supplementary treatment for many neurological and psychological conditions for centuries. It’s first reported usage can … Read More

Isolated Compounds In Lemons And Asian Plants May Hold Key To Cancer Prevention

Japanese scientists have been researching potential cancer preventing compounds in Citrus Lemon, Isodon Japonicus and Lansium Domesticum. Using nuclear magnetic … Read More

Advancements In Spectrometric Methods and Technology Paves Way For Analysis And Discovery Of Plant Hormones

All organisms produce hormones, even plants.  Although these small molecule compounds exist only in trace amounts it plays a pivotal … Read More

Key To Harnessing Medicinal Plants Lies in Proper Extraction Process

Interest in natural products as therapeutic drugs, traditional herbal remedies or edibles has led to a boom in plant extracts, … Read More

Cannabis glandular trichomes alter morphology and metabolite content during flower maturation.

Samuel J. Livingston, Teagen D. Quilichini, Judith K. Booth, Darren C. J. Wong, Kim H. Rensing, Jessica Laflamme‐Yonkman, Simone D. … Read More

Analysis of Common Medicinal Plants

The use of plants for their medicinal benefits predates modern medicine by thousands of years. Ancient civilizations didn’t know why … Read More


What are Terpenes? Terpenes are organic compounds found in many different types of plants. In order to fend off pests, … Read More

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