Phytological Data. Accessible to Everyone.

We at IX Analytics gather data on medicinal plants and their ancillary parts. Because we believe everyone deserves to know what’s in the everyday items they consume. 

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Phytology is the branch of biology that studies plants.

The IX Advantage

IX Analytics is commited to providing digestible, actionable data on medicinal plants. Our work is trusted by stakeholders in product development, production and consumption. 

Analytical Consulting 

IX Analytics offers consulting services that provide tailor-made solutions for researchers, producers, and consumers. Using first-hand lab data, observational studies, and the latest scholarship, we advise clients at every stage of the research and production process.

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Phytochemical Research

IX Analytics is committed to a holistic approach to plant analysis. By holistic, we mean that we understand that every organic compound in a plant contributes to its medicinal value. We want to understand the whole plant rather than a part of it.

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At the core of what we do, we truly believe big change comes with being informed. That’s why, in addition to advocating for transparency as a founding member of the BioFact Alliance, we’ve created a rich library of resources for everyone who works with or consumes medicinal plants.  

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Access to data drives community growth.

Our data has helped small scale farmers, processors and researchers gain valuable insight into medicinal plants. This has allowed them make decisions that have contributed to vast advances in the their field.

Multiple sources for data you can count on.

Our data is gathered through a combination of first-hand lab work, observational studies, academic research and user feedback.

Everyday users of medicinal plants deserve to know.

Our data helps everyday users of medicinal plants understand what they are consuming. We believe it helps make better decisions. 

Good decisions begin with transparency.

IX Analytics is one of the founding members of the BioFact Alliance. An independent think-tank that helps the industry progress with best practices driven by transparency.

IX Analytics has pioneered the use of Bio Facts labels to ensure consumers unders exactly what they’re putting in their body.

*Data compiled for informational purposes only.

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